About Us

Like you, we LOVE books. We love reading them, recommending them and browsing them!

That's why we've come up with Undercover books: to marry the thrill of spontaneity of a second-hand bookshops with quality curation by book-lovers. You will receive no duds - only great reads make the cut for Undercover books.

Undercover is a product created by the charity Child.org. All the proceeds will go towards helping children living in poverty get access to education.

Who are Child.org?

We want to make the world better with everything we do...so: 

1. We create innovative social enterprise products (like Undercover books) that make people happy and make us money.

2. We use that money to fund projects that are tailored to a child’s circumstances and break down barriers to child equality. We address whatever problems are standing in the way of their right to an education and a happy, healthy life. We provide all the things a child needs; food, health services, water, support, a safe place to be.

We do what works. 

Contact us

Want to join the Undercover team, want to send us a book review or are you a publisher interested in partnering with us? Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear from you.